Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~Rumi

I’m here to help you connect to who you are spiritually in all of life’s journey.

Live Rooted and Free.


Explore the intersection of spiritual presence and thoughts and feelings to help Love be the grounding source of all your actions.

What is Soulistic?

Soulistic exists to help you break down any barrier within you that limits your capacity to know and extend Love in all your relationships.

Live spiritually rooted and free.

The invitation is to live spiritually rooted and free in fully welcoming what Love opens in you, so that, through you, Love is opened in the world. It’s a big idea that as we are healed, so too, is the world. It’s an invitation to do your sacred work that feathers kindness, compassion, grace, peace, mercy for self and others into action.

Space to nurture soul growth.

Soulistic exists as a space to nurture soul growth inside a reality that there is no place where “I” end and “You” begin. We are all connected in a unitive space of Love. Where I go, you go.  Where you go, I go.  It’s a space to notice where we are held hostage to fear and to practice choosing Love. 

Live in Your
True Self.

Soulistic exists to invite us to live in our True Self, steeped in sacred presence, and to act from that residence.  A place to come home to Love. A place to practice extending Love in every relationship. A place to serve in Love for the highest good for all.

Spiritual Coaching

Connects you to what is real – Love. You are loved. You are supported and connected to all living things anchored in sacred presence.

Coaching guides you to awareness of inner beliefs and values, that might free or restrain Love in you, and draws you toward self-compassion and self-care in a deep awareness of spiritual presence. The journey steers you toward a fuller expression of compassion and friendship for self and others.

I’m here to hold the truth of Love for you and affirm your capacity to break through wounds to a place of healing.

Ways We Can Work Together

Work One-on-One

One-on-one sessions offer you guidance in a still space of compassionate listening, intentional questions, and spiritual practices to help you live in Love. Schedule now for your free 45-minute discovery session.

Contemplation Groups

Being in the flow of loving thought, contemplation groups practice a rhythm of silence, listening into our thoughts and feelings, reflection, and safe group listening to build a sense of peace and compassionate care for self and others.

Workshops and Classes

Supporting spiritual practices of unitive awareness and ideas of soul-centered living, workshops and classes provide tools and techniques to open body, mind, and soul to live daily in Love’s embrace.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Join me in a free 45-minute discovery session. We’ll explore how working together might support you experiencing a deeper connection with yourself and the world to help you live fully in Love. I’ll explain the process, answer your questions, and we’ll do a bit of coaching together.

I Choose

I choose Love. I choose worthiness.


I choose this moment for healing and wholeness.

To be here for you. Present. Resilient.

I choose to see and reflect Love in others.

I choose like-spiritedness, empathy. Our oneness.

Compassion, curiosity, diversity, dignity.

I choose community, kindness, wisdom, integrity

fondness of being, goodness, growth.


I choose justice and peace for all.

I choose honor of the sacredness of all living things.