I believe as we are healed, so too, is our world.

My desire is to be with you in a way that helps you feel loved, supported, and accepted as you truly are. I’m a listening presence responding without fixing or problem solving, believing that the answers you seek live within, not outside. I’ll guide you drawing inward to notice what’s there to be healed.

Life is a journey of living in Love

When I was a small child, I had a tangible experience of God in a time of crisis. I heard, saw, and felt sacred presence so strongly that I knew I was held and – at a soul level – safe. Living into what it means to belong inside sacred essence amid life’s turbulent forces has shaped my ability to be present in your thoughts, feelings, and soul wondering.

With curiosity and wonder on my own path of spiritual growth, I explore every facet of what it means to be held in Love and live from our truest self. It is a sacred journey and I share it passionately with you.

Jamie Deering

Hi! I am Jamie Deering

Spiritual coaching sits at the intersection of our thoughts and spiritual development to help us live from fully knowing and extending Love in every relationship. In every session, in every encounter, I bring consciousness and training in spiritual direction, contemplation, mindfulness, and universal concepts of spiritual transformation.

I honor wherever you are, right now. Whatever is bubbling up in your life, I’ll help you frame it in Love

Whether I’m working with you one-on-one or working with a group, I’m passionate about supporting actions that arise from knowing you are held and connected in divine presence. I’m unwavering in holding space for you to open, release, heal, and grow. Inviting vulnerability and curiosity inside the safety of spiritual presence and a sacred space, I’ll encourage you to risk, reframe, rewire and remember in Love.

As a certified spiritual director and contemplative leader working with organizations that support spiritual formation, and as a teacher, massage therapist, and a healing arts practitioner,

I support reconciliation within and with others that transforms the world, one life at a time. Having trained with spiritual mentors around the world, I maintain a space for you to explore all that is happening in you. Decades of contemplation practice lets me listen into your experiences at a soul level, asking questions that open up new ways of perceiving situations and circumstances. Through study and practice in Christianity and many faith traditions, I stand in knowing we are bound in the infinite possibilities of living loving lives.

I value curiosity, trust, possibilities, hope, faith, vulnerability, honesty, compassionate listening, and what’s bubbling up in you and me.

With me, you’ll find a balance of listening and nudging. We’ll go wherever you are ready to go as Source holds us both.

Let’s work together so you can:

Follow your curiosity and explore alternative perceptions to life’s challenges.

Embrace your longings and set down striving.

Live your questions and explore the unknown.

Welcome changed perspectives and new beginnings.