Frequently Asked Questions

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What is spiritual coaching?

Spiritual coaching guides you toward awareness of your inner beliefs, your inner “operating system” to support compassion, peace, and ease in living from a deep awareness of sacred presence.

It supports healing brokenness and strengthening forgiveness for self and others. It opens you to living your fullest life, connected within and with all living things. From awareness, you birth new ways of being in the world.

What is a spiritual coach?

A spiritual coach supports your connection to who you truly are in divine space, reflecting your uniqueness and purpose back to you. They help you feel your belonging in the world and hold true in knowing your capacity to heal. As you navigate transitions, they work with you to unearth your desires and breakthrough limiting beliefs to act on your longings.

Especially during times of transition, spiritual coaching can nurture shifts into new beginnings. Growth with spiritual coaching can include connection to the divine, choosing love, embracing your true self and the specific healing for you right now.

The focus of spiritual coaching is your experience of Spirit in all aspects of life–even in areas that might not, on initial reflection, have much to do with Spirit at all. Generally, the focus of therapy is to help people work on thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that negatively impact one’s life or relationships. Unlike counseling, spiritual coaching seeks to answer the longings of your heart, encourage reconciliation and letting go, and nurture action that comes from deeply knowing divine presence. It can be a long-term process of transformation in love. The focus of spiritual coaching is befriending your true self.
No. I draw on Christian and other traditions in my practice.  Though I’m long-practiced in Christian traditions, I meet you wherever you are in however faith shows up for you. I draw on sacred teachings from numerous faith traditions. I believe we are all invited to be with our questions about what we believe about a bigger presence.  Working with me is a good fit for anyone wondering how spirit is present in their life, how presence is speaking into circumstances, and what that means for them.

I offer spiritual coaching one-on-one, in small groups, as workshops, and in retreat form. Workshops and retreats tend to have themes to help our listening.  With individual session, the theme emerges from what you share. For some, entering through a group process is helpful.  For others, the pathway to the work is through one-on-one time.  If you are wondering what’s best for you, contact me and let’s chat.

A typical flow involves beginning with some quieting time – a chance to gather oneself to the now. Then the listening begins. You’ll talk about experiences, thoughts and feelings and questions will begin to arise. I’ll reflect the questions and help you notice divine presence. As you reflect, insights come. A chance to connect it in love appears. Often, I’ll offer an optional activity to try, a reading to consider, or a thought to be with until we meet again.  A one-on-one session generally lasts 50-60 minutes.  Other lengths can be arranged as needed.

For many folks, meeting weekly for a couple sessions is a helpful start before moving to a once or twice monthly. For others, meeting once a month is enough. We’ll work together to determine what works best for you in meeting your desires for coaching.

We can meet personally in Portland, OR, by phone, or via Zoom. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

Join me in a free 45-minute discovery session. We’ll explore how working together might support you experiencing a deeper connection with yourself and the world to help you live fully in Love. I’ll explain the process, answer your questions, and we’ll do a bit of coaching together.